Yoga and Pilates Sessions 

​​Small group Yoga and Pilates sessions  

£35 per group 1 hour  

Sessions designed to suit individuals within a small group. Plenty of modifications and support given. Can be done using chairs for those with limited mobility. Great for treating pain caused by stiffness.

One-One Yoga or Pilates

£35 per hour 

Therapeutic Yoga and pilates can be used alone to treat chronic pain, stress, tension or anxiety or to complement a massage therapy treatment plan. See massage section of this website for info on massage therapy.

Body reading can be incorporated to assess muscle imbalance. Assisted stretching can be included to increase range of motion, e.g. passive, active isolated or PNF stretching techniques. Sessions are designed to suit you and home plans are included.

Sports Specific

Stretching, Strengthening and Proprioceptive Exercises 

£35 pr hr  

​Advance your game and overcome limitations with exercises relavant to you and your sport. Body reading can be used to assess and treat muscle imbalances which may be causing you pain or limiting your capacity.           

Assisted stretching can be used to increase range of motion, joint and muscle strength and proprioception.

Lighten Up Dance 

Dance for fun, Dance for health, Dance for life! 

Lighten Up Dance is all about making dance so simple you can switch your mind off any just enjoy the feeling of the movement. Designed to be suitable for everyone, this is a fun way to improve health and wellbeing. 

This is a blend of dance and yoga as stretches and mudras are woven into the party.

Based on the teachings of Misty Tripoli creator of World Groove Movement /  Body Groove and of from my Dru Yoga training. 

See videos of Groove Movement and Dru Yoga for an idea what's involved. 

Contact 07745 662890

Classes in the Workplace

Boost productivity, creativity and workplace happiness with a short yoga session, before, during or after your working day.   Reduce sick days and work related injuries from poor posture, repetitive strain and stress.

Bespoke sessions designed to suit the needs of your workforce.

One off or regular sessions available along with discount massage for your workforce.