CIndian Head Massage 

Invigorating or  relaxing massage to the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp,

face, arms and hands. Any area can be left out and massage is done over

the clothes.  Great for relieving neck and shoulder tension, toning the skin

and improving hair condition.

£30 (45 minutes)

Joint booking discount.

Book in with a friend on the same day and get £5.00 each.

​Contact 07745 662890

Workplace massage/ Onsite massage

Indian head massage is done over the clothes so is ideal for workplace massage.                                                                                   Massages can be designed on the spot to suit each persons needs and time scale.

  • Relieve neck tension and headaches caused by sitting at your computer all day.
  • Relieve hand and arm ache from typing.
  • Relieve aches and tension from heavy lifting.
  • Learn stretches, good posture and relaxation techniques 

Proven to reduce sick days and improve workplace happiness and productivity.

£240 per day       Contact 07745 662890

£120 half day

£80   2 hrs